Playing music files. TM800


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Aug 8, 2001
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All credit for the following to Jimux

I know the next image is not far away but in the meantime here is how to play a stored music file.

Load a few '.wav' files to a directory on the box. Drag them straight from CDs and as they are quite big put them on the hard disk.

'cd' to that directory and play one with a command like

aplay -vv ./'Days like this.wav' &

The single quotes enable selection of fle names with spaces in them.
The ampersand at the end of the line means the process will continue even if you log out of a telnet session that issued the command.
File types supported are voc, wav, raw and au.

The output is independent of the current channel audio. Just mute the channel audio with the remote [mute] button.

Jims crude Audio Player
The attached files demonstrate an audio player with playback, skip and stop functions. Unzip the file, place the AudioPlayer.xml in /etc/ppanels and the in /usr/sbin. Make executable (chmod 777 filename) and then make a directory on your hard disk to store '.wav' files. Any directory name will do as it searches /media/ for '.wav's.

Then just load a few 'wav's, run the option to 'Find Audio Files' (yellow button, 'ppanels', 'Music Jukebox' and you are ready to go.