"taking over 80 orders per minute" for GTA IV


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Nov 28, 2004
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Online retailer has revealed it has been taking over 80 orders per minute for Grand Theft Auto IV, released today.

Stuart Rowe, chief operating officer for, has said that the game is likely to smash previous sales records in the videogame sector.

"We're experiencing trading levels similar to what we would see in the run up to Christmas, taking over 80 orders per minute at peak times.

"We have had to recruit extra warehouse staff to work through the night to ensure product arrives on the day of launch," he added.

The company had to resort to a first come, first served basis for the game earlier this month when demand became so strong it could not guarantee delivery on the day of release.

"Grand Theft Auto IV is going to break all previous records when it comes to gaming," offered Rowe.