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Aug 18, 2006
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check your channels and if you notice that there is one channel thats not as good as the rest then please post the name of the channel here

i am doing a few tests at the mo but need your help!
five us is the best channel for me :p

bnr is 5 fgs

worst channels are the bbc1 / bbc2 / itv / channel 4 / channel 5 / all sky sports

i noticed the frequency range are near enough all the same as well
well for me its strange as in the evening time itv2 is a bit messed up

Got myself a LCD T.V after Easter, that's when I first noticed the pixilation, I thought it was because it was an LCD, It seems to happen on all channels but only for a few seconds.
almost all of the asian channels are pretty poor quality m8

sony max: res 480*576, audio_type Single channel !!!!
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I notice that e4 is quite pixely, mostly around early evenings though, failing that I have noticed that some of the asian channels are a bit poor.

sometimes it can be on the ccs streams but iwhile a programe was playing where it was quite bad i changed to another image and the picture changed and it was much better

very strange but there is something going on maybe if others try it like that as well
Agree with Sky Sports1, sometimes ITV2 aswell.
uk gold 2 skips quite a lot with me ... south lanarshire commando 6
If the frequency is a little bit out of range in the services.xml the result is a bad picture. A scan via netid and update should deliver the exact frequencies.
On the other hand garbage in means garbage out. If the datarate is low at a channel the box cannot conjure up a good picture. Specially at big screens the quality difference between channels with high and low datarate are visible.
what about if you had the same box on the same tv with the same services.xml but on a few channels on one image the picture is rubbish then on another the picture on the same channel and same programe the picture is sharp?

a few people has noticed it and its got to be something we need to crack if poss
Maybe because some tellies have only one RGB capable scart and if you compare 2 boxes connected simultaniously to the TV you compare RGB with composite in such a case.