Phorm trial to take place soon


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Mar 15, 2008
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Phorm trial to take place soon

Despite all of the complaints when BT tested the Phorm advertising system, a test is planned to take place soon.

This is no surprise as both companies have said in the past that a test would be taking place.

The plan is the deploy Phorm onto ten thousand BT broadband users.

Having said that, BT are saying that they have been completely open with customers and will test the system only on those subscribers who have indicated that they would be happy to get advertising which is based on their internet activities.

This comes in the wake of the many complaints concerning the secret testing of Phorm on two occasions last June and in October 2006.

But despite these complaints that were mainly based on privacy issues, the Information Commissioners Office (ICO) decided not to take any further action, in fact the ICO has given BT and Phorm the go ahead for the next test, whenever that takes place.