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Peugeot 206 radio code

Discussion in 'Cars and Vans' started by Stevebuckton0706, Nov 29, 2016.

  1. Stevebuckton0706

    Stevebuckton0706 New Member

    Hi I'm new to this site but my wife's car has a clarion radio but she can't find the code.
    I have been trying everywhere to find it but the serial number is CL041010281596.
    Apparently this can only be got from the dealers does anyone k ow if this is true forgot to mention the model number is PU 2325a.
    Hope someone an shed some light on this
  2. joe516

    joe516 VIP Member


    your code is available but you really should go here first and say hello to the community https://www.digitalworldz.co.uk/who-you-6/
  3. smoggie

    smoggie VIP Member

    Thats correct, code from serial for this model will only be from dealership or maybe paid service website
    code is normally got by reading a chip within the radio but it is a bit of a specialists job
    try a local radio decoding service
  4. Stevebuckton0706

    Stevebuckton0706 New Member

    Thanks for the info will have to contact the sealers the
  5. migarsi

    migarsi New Member

    I am trying to find the code for my father's radio... on his Peugeot 206.
    The details I have:
    Blaupunkt Peugeot 206 N2
    Serial Number (or so I think): BP8146Y5964231
    Part Number (or so I hope): 7648146392

    There is another number (96 370 825 80) which I am not sure what that is... but just in case...

    I hope someone can provide the radio code.... I am reluctant to download some of the programs which are being offered online.
  6. smoggie

    smoggie VIP Member


    your code should be 2156
  7. migarsi

    migarsi New Member

    Thanks a lot. It does work!!
    (It took me a while to get the radio to reset itself and allow for the code to be entered, but it was my fault)

    Now, I tried to go one step further, and replace the blaupunkt radio cassette with a Radio-CD, from another Peugeot.
    I read somewhere that the model I selected is 'wired' to the car... but that this model should work fine if the previous radio was unlocked and working...(something about the TX00 below)
    However, after getting the blaupunkt to work I tried this one with no luck. Any ideas would be welcome.
    The data I have on this model:
    Model No: PSARCD100-01
    Prod No: FDO103190311563
    VDO RD3-01
    Ref. Peugeot: 96 489 417 XT00

    Thanks again. Even if I don´t get the Radio-CD to work, it was nice hearing the radio while commuting.
  8. smoggie

    smoggie VIP Member

    I think for that model you will find it is IMMO coded, I would have thought it would work but it would give an audible beep every few seconds.
    The EEPROM within the head unit needs modifying to have the same VIN number as the car it is going into
  9. EarthTec

    EarthTec New Member

    Hello and good Morning,

    i have an Peugeot 206CC with an Clarion PU-2471A. I have change the Batterie and now the Radio want a Code.

    Model: PU-2471A(G)
    Serial Nr: CL054230984543G

    I hope someone can help me with radio code and I wish a nice Weekend for all.

  10. smoggie

    smoggie VIP Member

    code from serial will only be available if there is a number under the barcode beginning C700xxxxxxxx

    but I think your model is IMMO coded so shouldn't need a code as a chip within the radio is linked to the cars VIN

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