Penalty charges Petition (very important please read)


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Jun 20, 2005
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Hi All,
Below is a copy of an email I received,undoubtly anyone of you has already suffered at the hands of their respective banks,can you please sign and forward the link to everyone you know,its a matter of getting united and give these sharks,a bloody nose,
thanks for your co-operation

Dear Members

We have now launched the Official petition to try and bring an end to
banks applying theses charges,
If your work in the media please publish this.

This petition is to ask the government to bring in legislation that
prevents banks or any company offering finance, or credit agreements from
applying charges (Penalty charges) for items as Bounced DDs, bounced
cheques going overdrawn, late payment or charges alike. We ask that the
Government bring in legislation that before any company can apply such
charges to a consumer that a Court, must rule that the level of charges
outlined in the contracts that a company/organisation wishes to present
to a consumer, is fair and reasonable and is compatible with the UTCCR.
This will also better protect the consumer and the vulnerable who’s
only cause of action at the moments is to start legal proceeding against
the company that has applied such charges. It will force companies to
legally prove that their contacts are fair and transparent. we request
that parliament make it a criminal offence for any Bank or company to
take such charges from state benefits without a court approval/order.

I hope you can spare a little time to sign the petition and also email
this to as many people as you can,

Here the link

Thank you for your time
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