pay as go virgin free mobile phone


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Sep 14, 2006
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St James Park
if you have a virgin top up phone you get £10 award for every £100 uve spent on vouchers ive just got 4 £110 pound samsung 900 free for my misess and parents also u get 2 months worth 200 free mins with your free phone sounds unreal honest phone 08456000646 give them your mobile num and the tell you what free payas u go phone you qualify for all new phones the send come with 200 free mins and £15 quid voucher no lies try it lol i was buzzing no contract involved my mam only had £10 in credit so she got a £22 pound phone which cost £12 and she got £15 credit 200 mins and a free phone

4 of us got £110 quid phones £15 credit and 200 mins for free ?

lol 08456000646 are goto and pick your phone beore you get your discount

100% legit jeezuz i was happy
u dont need to buy a phone its free

U dont need to buy a phone virgin pay a go like the other posts suggest if you already own a virgin pay as u go the take awards on vouchers youve bought in previous years and give you a free phone depending o how much youve spent all phones u qualify for u get £15 credit and 200 free mins 100 mins for 2 month its free try it 08456000646 u spend nish apart from £12 for next day delivery