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Mar 13, 2007
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Hi, a couple of months ago i was parked in a car park in city centre and went for a couple of minutes to get a drink at a shop came back and i saw a parking attendant writing a ticket out, NO WAY!!!! i said to myself, so i quickly got into a car and whilst he was still writing the ticket out and drove off.

Hence the law states that if you never recieved the ticket and the attendant did not display it on the car you are not eligable to pay the ticket.

Can some1 please forward me a professional letter that i can write and appeal against the decision.

Offence date stated on the letter was 25th october. Not only that the correspondence i recieved was dated 6th march and was sent to the wrong address. (To a company where i get my car parts from). The fine has also incresed to 90.00. No way am i gonna pay this now that i think i am in the right.

any help would be appreciated with the best regards
to be honest if i wasant in the city centre i would have tried and explained myself to the parking attendant as to what the situation was and if he still didnt listen then i would give him loads and loads of sh*t and wish he listened to me in the first place.
m8 the ticket has to be placed on front windscreen or in ur hand if not the ticket is not valid
what you have to do when all goes proppa say it was not placed on my windscreen did you actually get the ticket
if was not placed on the screen or in your hand ??
Quick letter off top of my head:

Re: PCN Number: (ticket number)
Alleged Issue date: (issue date)

To whom it may concern,

I have received a notice to owner with the above PCN number and would like to contest on the grounds that there was no ticket issued to myself, nor was the ticket concerned placed on my vehical.
I would advice you to cancel the alleged ticket and revoke the fine issued to me on these grounds.

If you decide against my advice, please be aware that I will pursue this matter as far as it can go and would like for you to send me all evidence you hold against me on this matter.
This includes photographic evidence of the actual ticket on my vehical.
The valve positions recorded for my vehical at the time of the alleged offence.

I look forward to hearing from you.


They record, but not legal requirement:

-Valve position

Legal requirements are:

-Warden has to be wearing full uniform (including hat)
-The precise words ABOVE the tear off slip on the PCN "Date of Issue" and "Date of contravention"

Most importantly, an offence must take place under the road traffic act.(there are 2, both ammended, depending on area and issuing authority)
hey people i really apprecaite your help, i mean really devil fish and fisaco2001 thankyou very much.

I have never ever joined any forum before and this was my first one and my last 1 becuase there are many yes many helpfull people here and i also try my best to help others.

i will forward this letter and see what happens. the best forum and the best hosts, administrators and poster in this forum. : multi :

thanx hey if you ever get a spe*ding ticket (c*amera flash) ill c what i can do. : multi :

Question 4:

I have received a Notice to Owner (NTO) last week. I remember the incident clearly, as I drove off before the Parking Attendant had even finished writing it out, in no way did he give it to me or affix it to the vehicle. Is the ticket valid?


No, the ticket is not valid. The parking ticket (PCN) must be either handed to the person, who the Parking Attendant believes to be in charge of the vehicle, or affix the ticket to the vehicle. On the NTO you should tick the boxes "the contravention did not occur" and "the traffic order was invalid". You should also state that the ticket was never given to you nor was it affixed to your vehicle.

The Local Authority (LA) will probably reject this appeal, called a Formal Rejection. If you receive a Formal Rejection, you will then be able to appeal to the Independent Adjudicator at the Parking and Traffic Appeals Service (PTAS). An appeal form will be sent to you with the Notice of Rejection, if not, you can call PTAS on 020 7747 4700. (This is of course assuming they don't accept your appeal - but in our experience, the LA tend to follow the same procedure). With the PTAS appeal, we would also suggest you request a personal hearing. State on your appeal that you are prepared to swear on oath (even though it is not a court, just a very informal hearing), that the Parking Attendant never gave you the ticket, nor did he/ affix it to your vehicle.

Dont let this go, they will try to scare you into paying by threats of increasing the fine...if you are sure the ticket wasnt issued to you or the windscreen and your not trying to pull a fast one then they should refer to the attendants notes which will state that the ticket wasnt issued at which point the authority will cease any further action..remember, this is a good money spinner for them..ALWAYS attest parking tickets even if you are in the wrong as it costs them money and your first avenue of appeal doesnt. GOOD LUCK and keep us posted.
As said above demand Photographic evidence of the ticket actually on your car, without that they won't be able to proceed as they need photo evidence you had the ticket and that you were parked Illegally
If anyone else is in the same prediciment - just remember never to ignore the letters - they'll get you in the end!! :-(
People Power!!!

Have you checked out the parking ticket forums at the consumeractiongroup. Their is a dedicated support network their and they have people very skilled in wriggling out of all sorts of tickets. I have just sucessfully appealed against 4 tickets issued by 3 different borough counhcils on the grounds that the wording on their tickets does not conform to specific requests in the Road Traffic Act of 1991. Very handy to know!