Panorama - Racing's Dirty Secrets


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Apr 15, 2006
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Did any of you watch last night's Panorama?

It was about Horse Racing and Jocky's helping to fix races. The betting was done via the internet betting site 'Betfair' and the people in question were betting against horses winning with the help of jocky's holding back their horses.

For those of you who don't know how Betfair works, you can actually lay bets against horses, football teams etc winning. So for instance if hundreds or even thousands of people back a horse to win, you can bet against them and say you think the horse will lose.

If the horse is the favorite and you bet against it winning, then the odds are highly stacked in your favour.

So these peeps were paying the jocky's to hold back their horses and lose.

However, Kieren Fallon seemed to be in on it but ended up with 5 winners when he was meant to lose.

He cost one of the heavies over £500,000 in bets. Then the son of one of Eire's godfather's flew into the UK where they proceeded to head for Fallon's house.

The police made it clear that they were following the crew as they feared for Fallon's safety.

I for one think that if the police hadn't been watching them, Fallon would not be here today!

Very interesting programme.

I for one don't bet on horses and I'm glad of that after watching last nights documentary.

See Here

PS: Peter Kenyon is the new Roger


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Jan 31, 2007
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is Cook dead?, if not he is probably wanted more than Bin Laden, that guy was class, he had some balls to do what he did