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Jun 1, 2005
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Were in the engineers menu will i find if the card is paired to the box with the correct BK, all i can see is card status ok? because a the moment i have wrote an atmega card and all i get is ablank screen, its well driving me crazy. ive used toxic 7 to do it, and manually put the keys in.
Where the card status says ok is where it would say not paired.
So i have the right BK, could you help me with what i am doing wrong?

i do:

Toxic 7, tried manual keys and leaving blank, i never put a cam id in, i leave the BK and IRD forwards. i write teh file created to the eeprom and the ntl toxic file to flash. and all i seem to get is a blank screen on any subscribed channel.
The message only means the IRD is correct, it does not imply that the BK is correct.
ah ok, im sure that the BK is right, where would i be able to tell on the engineers menu if it was wrong? i did get it off a card which was paired to it previously but around november time it didnt up date and channels went blank as they are now. any suggestions?
atmegas no longer update in tw / pure ntl areas, you should consider getting a mosc card which will still work no probs.
yeah i have put the latest keys in, i used rst edit or what ever it is to view the latest keys from 23.11.05. still blank screen.
you got to put the latest keys in toxic7 ext eep generator, when making you ext eep.
which i did, i extracted the keys from the latest rst. i then added the keys into toxic 7.
coud someone pm me the latest keys, just to make sure they are the same as mine. thanks
raig2k said:
coud someone pm me the latest keys, just to make sure they are the same as mine. thanks

You dont say which area? Tw ntl or exc&w

and what card did you get your box number from...?
if it was a atmega writen with toxic 6 then the box number may have been endcrypted..... !

if you used the rst 23 11 05 then you have the upto date keys

I would double check your box details if i was you mate... what box is it..?
the box key came from an atmega card, this possibly could have been encrypted. how would i decrypt it? its a pace 4010. it worked up intill november.