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pace err12

Mar 16, 2005
I have pace di4001,I am not able to use libdebug,how do i get the box back online?it was working.just went of.
Mar 21, 2005
complete error code list......................

Err1_ CRC fail across Primary Loader image
Err2_ No longer used.
Err3_ Insufficient NVRAM
Err4_ Flash Fail or can't find platform object
Err5_ NVRAM not found

Tuning Sequence Related Errors

Er10_ Unable to Tune to Last frequency
Er11_ Unable to Tune to Home Frequency
Er12_ Unable to Tune to any of the last NIT defined frequencies
Er13_ Unable to scan for a frequency
Er14_ Unable to scan for a symbol rate
Er16_ Unable to tune to hardcoded frequency

Input Stream Errors

Er20_ Timeout on receiving NIT
Er21_ Timeout on receiving PAT
Er22_ Timeout on receiving PMT
Er23_ Timeout on receiving object data
Er24_ Timeout on receiving TDT
Er25_ Sync loss has occurred on the input stream

Object Validation

Er30_ Object CRC Fail
Er31_ Object Digital Signature Fail

Flash programming errors

Er40_ Insufficient Flash ( NAND Flash Specific )
ErrC_ Failed to Erase Flash Sector
ErrD_ Failed to Program a Flash sector.
ErrE_ CRC Failure of image just programmed into Flash