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Hi guyz
Can someone please assist before I pull the last 3 strands of my hair out.
I got the above mentioned box with code release version P2.56.15d.CR3 in the Leicester area (Net id 00012-Frequency 643,000) which remains stuck with the purple "starting" box in the bottom right hand corner of the screen. I have removed the red reset pin and reprogrammed (using libby) several times (including warm reset & 4321) but the same thing happens. I have noticed however that when I access the engineers menu I can hear the audio of the channel, but when I reboot I get the dredded "starting" box . This first problem arose a couple of weeks ago and I managed to get it working by removing the red pin and resetting several times and it cotinued to work perfectly, however on this occasion, although I have done the same things as before (several times) I cannot get it to come out of restarting where it can stay there permanent.
Has anyone any ideas? repair that is.
You are in a pure ntl (davic) area trying to use a docsis box - you are very likely to be hitting the problems associated with the introduction of VOD software in pure ntl areas experienced by others on this forum. It's very doubtful that your docsis box will take the software update in a davic area - you MAY solve the problem by taking the box to a exC&W area and getting the update (I don't claim to know if this will work or not), but I think your basic problem is that you have the wrong box for your area.
Hi m8

Thanks for taking the time reply.

However I'm a little puzzled 'cos I also have a DI2000T (twest box) which works fine apart from only the Fr*ntrow channels which is understandable(they have never worke on that box). If this were to be the case Why would the TW this box work and not the DITV2000 which has been working fine for months?

what software cr version is running on the tw2000?
Of course I could be on completely the wrong track and it could be a hardware fault - three simple things to check:-

(i) look in the engineer's menu at the signal strength (tuner failure not unheard of)

(ii) also in the enginer's menu, check the card status with card inserted and then with the card removed (capacitor failure can occur and this *sometimes* shows up as an inability to read the card)

(iii) the other thing to check is that the soldered connection inside the CIM hasn't broken where the back of the f-connector meets the circuit board - this is fairly common and again would result in weak signal as point (i) above
Hi bammy

The TW box iplatform version is P2.80a.00.CR2.

(i) Not really sure what to look for as all the signales go up and down (High/Low).

(ii) Card status OK

(iii) I believe you mean in the tuner part I had already checked there and I thought I was on a winner as the solder looked like a dry joint however resoldered but it has made no differance.

Hope this helps?

I have a question as mentioned in my original mail - why can I hear the channel in the background when I'm in the engineers menu and yet when I reboot it goes into NTL logo and then "starting" mode.
I have same problem with NTL2000. NTL logo and then "starting" mode.
But Card status please wait.
as far as I know, even if there is a problem with the card by removing it from the box, the box should still boot up on to the free channels. Can some one correct me if I'm wrong.
astro said:
as far as I know, even if there is a problem with the card by removing it from the box, the box should still boot up on to the free channels. Can some one correct me if I'm wrong.

yep you do get the FTA channels but you will get an error too
Well after 48hr of power off try it this morning power up and it's working fine,
I don't understand what’s going on my box????

:ST Geo:
it sounds like the cause of these problems is being broadcast at intermittent times {there's too many box's with the same symptoms to say its a hardware fault on the box} "how they distingquish between 1 box and another is anyones guess {bootloader,cr ver,bk, ird, mac addy}-------------------whatever it is thats causeing it, "its definetly comeing out of the cable feed"
Astro i can confirm i have had the exact symptoms on my box as you...of which i have been banging on about for the past 3 not too far from you and im also in a pure N*L area...i have a MOSC card last friday this first happen then last night it seemed to work again fine then this morning same again it boots up to the logo and thats it starting icon just appears.....this first happen about a month ago and after a day it worked fine....

im totally clueless now as to why this is happening
Lots of reports of this type of behaviour - but it looks like it's true to say that everyone affected is running a DOCSIS box in a DAVIC area - can anyone contradict this?

that's the one m8 ....when it happened last time I spent most of the day trying different things to get it working like removing pin, resetting etc. and when I finally got it working again I was chuffed .....untill now that is.

'Cos from what I have heard here so far, the reason the box started to work again has nothing to do with the efforts I put in that day.

It just goes to show how clever I am (no comments on this subject please).

I am still puzzled though as to why some boxes like the ones I mentioned in the above posts are working and some dont.

Does someone have an answer?