pace 2000 jtag tut


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Mar 20, 2005
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Manchester, United Kingdom
can u get box key from jtag on pace 2000 or is it a different method i am very very new to this and i need to get box numbers from the 2 boxes i got, they both comes with no cards and im in c & w area is there a tut around to give me a quick and easy guide to start doing boxes myself many thanks :BLOBBY:
no u cant use jtag on 2000. read the attey
u can jtag 4000 and samy for x cw.
or led sim for 1000 if not in database.
how do you read attys m8 ive spent all day on this forum reading post to post but getting no where is there a tut out there that would help me start thanks for your quick response :BLOBBY:
They need to be removed from the board, usually with a hot air rework station but it is possible with heatgun, soldering iron or flamemaster pencil etc.

Put in a device programmer that supports them (usually AT49LV1614 chips) and then read on a PC.

Not too dificult if you have experience soldering.
are the boxes virgins? or did you buy them off a trader