Pace 1000 not firing up right


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Jul 11, 2004
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Not far from you
I have just been to a mates house who has a pace 1000 no sticker on the botom so i dont know revision.
When it boots up from cold it just sits there with just the top green light on no other light and nothing else on display anyone any ideas please

thanks in advance
pull the red jumper to reset the box and put the correct net id in see if that works
Thanks lads net id is wrong i think its reading 41044 but i cant seem to be able to confirm what the net id should be ? Im in sussex.
I know i can change it through pc ect. but its a 1000 on CR1 will that change and update ok any comments greatly apriciated no stickers on the bottom of the box all have been removed not by me i may ad.

cheers all

Very starange on my box that is same model but had cr3 and a rom10 card has now updated to dr3 and all is ok