pace 1000 no update mod simm prob


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Oct 22, 2005
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ok guys i think i have fooked a perfectly good box,got a 1000 that was a virgin 4 chip sim also got a 1000 that had no update mod done-so since i know sod all about doing atmels i thought well ill just put the virgin simm into the other box to update it ,so after the update i put the sims back in their coresponding boxes and now i have a blue c&w update loop on one-the other is fine tho-is there owt i can do
edit -i also get err 4 msg
Yes the one you've updated will now need a 4 chip sim to run on unless you put that virgin 4chip sim back on it and set it to wembley 41047 and as soon as it boots up in the old CR1 style unplug the power cable and set the net id back to your areas net id in libby and do the anti update mod again on it:)
Then your back to the start again with 2 working boxes ;)

well i just put the atmels back down n resoldered em and after 2 updates its back to normal
That was the harder way of doing it lol, you could have done it without soldering but I'm glad you got it sorted now anyway.