Phone Unlocking p900 memory prob


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Dec 13, 2004
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got a 128mb memory card for my sony p900 got one problem my phone doesnt reconize it and when i format it it comes up as curupt but put it in my wifes p910 and it works.......... anyone have a clue whats going on b4 i lob it in the bin...........
The P900 and P910 are not the same phone...

P900 uses Memory Stick Duo

P910 uses Memory Stick Duo Pro
If it is not the Pro version, then it is probably faulty, I havent seen the standard Duo version around for a while... Did you get an original memory card with the phone? If the original doesnt work then it is probably a fault with the memory card reader on the handset, if you can try another card, see if you can format it and use it. The P910 can use either Duo Pro or standard Duo, but the P900 can only use the old Duo, I think there was a limit of 128 on this as well but I cant remember

You could flash the P900 with P910 firmware
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i thought flashin the p900 with p910 firmware didnt work that well the memory says duo not duo pro ...also where can i get the firmware from to try