Outlook Problems


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May 1, 2005
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Looking for a little help here guys, my mate has been trying to send me a couple of exe files via e-mail but outlook is blocking from saving the attachments saying they are potentially dangerous files. Is this because I may have some sort of e-mail filter switched on?? Any help would be greatly appreciated.:lsabre:
exe files are automatically blocked by most outlook. Tell your friend to try putting them into a .zip file, and then sending the files.
Mad, is your m8 using Outlook or Outlook Express?? They both have tools built in to stop recieving & sending 'potentially' dangerous files..You can turn them off, tools, options..etc.
Or add the file/s you want to send to a zip, then attach that & send it...

Have fun :)
cheers guys, the reason I never got the files zipped or rarred is because I didn't have the software to decompress. That problem has been rectified.

thanks guys.