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Feb 3, 2007
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hi all iv got a chipped ntl box and my m8 put my originol ntl card on it went off a bit bk is there any way putting it bk on ????

thanks for takeing the time to read this much appreciated for any1 who can help me out cheers
what you mean it went off a bit?? did it go off when the big hit came
what box model is it and do you have a boxkey and ird?
yes m8 my IDR is: *********and my BOXKEY is: ***************

im on a silver samsung m8 on ntl

silly person...
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Delete That Info Now Please! I Didn't Mean For You To Post The Info!
remove your detail mate . big NO NO putting the boxkey on here ,
@snoopy you need to be more carefull about the info you post m8.
The Card You Have Will Be Useless, The Card Atr Was Damged By The November Hit, You Can However Program A New Card As You Have A Bk + Ird, This Could Be A Mosc (original Card) Or A Funcard, Dou You Have A Card Programmer? I Have Sent You A Pager Message.
SNOOPEY2120 why have you opened two threads on the same subject and sucessfully highlighted your bk + ird in both?: dipsy :
right ok use the au fun files if you want to use a funcard or read the posts including teir info if you want to make a mosc.

personally i would advise you to use the fun files for now but still have a go using the mosc cards again when you are up and running, follow the au fun file how to make sure you program, ext eep, int eep and flash in this order, this is quite important on the infinity.

also make sure ird

for example 3e451cfb is entered as

fb1c453e when creating your bin file and that you use swap bin hex to convert the bin to a hex file.
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just like to say i got my card bk on i no how to do i hehe thanks for all ya help people wot a fantastic place to be nice1