Original Ntl Nagra Card...


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Mar 27, 2005
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Trying to fkin read it, but can it be read with a usb connection?
because my shite laptop hasent got the correct port for the cable that came with my infinity usb proggy.
You'll need both the USB and Serial connections to be able to read it - I think the USB cable is just for the power??? Not sure... but definately need the serial cable plugged in.
Ok, thanks for the reply.
I can write Funcards/Atmega's with just usb in.

Why is it that I need both for ROM?
I had the same thing mate-no serial port on laptop.You need a USB to serial cable. You can get them on Ebay for around 6-8 quid.U should also make sure you have 2 USB ports on computer(most have). Plug Infinity into 1 and the USB to serial into other.Reads no problem on mine.Good luck:xmas:
you will need the serial cable to enable phoenix then read the card in nagra other cards can be done with out and in normal mode
Just bought one off ebay for 5.99 posted
reading card

I am able to read a n^L original mosc card using infinity unlimited usb...just configure it as in crackerchalks tut, you will have to configure nag edit to, then it should read it ok...dont do what i did..had card in programmer upside down...twat i am lol