Original Modded Xbox for sale


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Jul 22, 2005
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Yeahhhhhh im gettin rid of me xbob coz it never gets played with, its modded, but has the stock HD installed. It comes with 1 unoffical controller an about 40 backup games (allsorts) and about 10 normal ones (including halo 2 and pgr 2). Looking for around 70quid for this if possible, mainly due to the shite load of games. not too sure about postage, but normally i think its about 10quid to post one of these bricks, i will shove all the backups into a spindle and the other games into the box i will send it in. of course im happy for pick up, PM me for more details. May be able to deliver within reasonable distance for a couple of quid, once again depending on distance. :D

May be open to offers, wud be more than willing to swap for a nice flat monitor with tv tuner. but yeah, PM me if interested, i will get a list of games together.

nice one
i will accept 60quid for this if anyone is interested.
this is still availiable for anyone interested
this is still for sale, nobody has bought it yet