Ordered sky box office film by mistake


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Jul 28, 2005
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My daughter ordered some film on the sky box office "the blind side". Well i think she ordered it, not sure really lol
It started at 8 and she was flicking and didn't know she had gone to the box office channel, as didn't get asked for a pin to buy the film as it was clear. Was only on for about a minute or so before i saw what was going on and turned the channel over. Will i get charged for the film? or is the first few minutes clear, like a preview thing?
Also just been doing some painting downstairs so the box isn't currently connected to the phoneline, would that make any difference?

I wouldn't be that bothered if it was a good film, as could watch it, say sod it. But "the blind side" ffs
i think its the free view before encoding...

normally would require phone line or call for activation

check your online account / accont on the box to see if you have a box office charge
Cheers for the info guys. Nothing has shown up on my account when i checked on the box and online, so guess i got away with it.
At least sky asks for a PIN, my kids have managed to do this on virgin and there is no way of blocking it via PIN. Stupid thing is we have the film on the PC already, they got confused and watched it on PPV, stupid Alvin and the Chipmonks.
if you order box office and not watch it sly wont charge