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Nov 12, 2004
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Got a few opos cards off ebay to play about with, been tryin' to prog in pure ntl for a few days now, these cards are plain white 1's with 'authentic guaranteed' and 'genuine product' hologram sticker on them they identify no probs as os 1.04 in opos loader.
Set in pheonix mode using infinity USB then load flash with CryptApp.hex, EEprom with CryptApp.eep and cryptkey with Cryptkey.hex.
Open nagra 4.0 and have tried using NTL Rev A16 no emms.bn10, blank-ntl.bn10 and AU ROM10 By TheGame1uk.bn10
Still won't AU, I have found another which I'm going to try AU ROM10 purentl.bn10.
I then run winexporer open loadeep script run script and select my bn10 image when asked, (bk entered, ird backwards and save etc.) everything appears to flash up properly.
I'm beggining to wonder if these cards are useless or if opos 1.04 does definetely AU seen some threads which suggest some have gone down.
Any pointers would be much appreciated guys.:Cheers:
Found that thread today and that's the image I'm going to try tonight, thanx.

I got a white opus card programed all ok and im in pure n*l area

Are u sure bn fil is ok ??