Only receiving BBC1 & 2 & front row Preview HELP!


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Jul 23, 2005
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I been at this for days now, Satch & Logic ave been giving me a hand!

I have my correct ird & BK, I was using ToxicNTL to prog my ATmega card, but from checking my post code in a link that Logic gave me, I live in an ex C&w area, so was advised 2 use the c&w toxic file, from doing this I now receive BBC 1 & 2 plus the front row preview channel and am no longer stuck on channel 0 or 7.

Logic suggested forcing an update by unplugging the STB from the mains and re-inserting the freshly progged card and then powering up again, wait 5 mins on a FTA channel like BBC2 and the rest shud open up.

I been waiting 20mins now and still nothing? Any suggestions would be much appreciated!

Evening all,

Further to my last post, I am now getting a message on other channels stating that the channel is unavailable etc..... and the at the end it has a code b101s to quote to my provider.

Any suggestions??
Have you tried turn of box then insert card , then turn box back on?.

And witch way have you put your IRD into the card?.

Cheers Garry
Yes I guess so, I powered off the box at the mains, took the card out, reprogged it, then put it back in the box, powered it on at the mains, but still no joy. I have also just tried turning it on & off on numerous occasions.

I just reprogged the card again with the IRD backwards, but when i turned the box on this time, i got it to BBC2, waited 5 mins and switch it to ITV1 and it said my card was invalid with an b100s error message and told me to contact my supplier, then switched to front row preview Channel 7 and now i'm back to square 1, i only get channel 0 & 7.

Have you tried to put the new Key’s 0 and 1 into the card and see if you have all the channels open
no I have left the keys blank as stated in the TUT i have.

I don't even know where to get the keys from.

I have yet again reprogged the card with my ird the right way around, but this time I have not used the cr3c&w toxic but the standard toxicC&w, the readme file says to use the CR3 C&W toxic for pace boxes, is that correct?

Well it still dosen gimme any other channels, i'm back to wher i was b4, I am getting BBC1 & 2 plus channel 7, front row preview but i have not had an error messade yet! woops tell a lie, it just came up B101S again!
thanks everyone

Cheers Everybody, Finally i can ave a gud nights sleep!

Many Thanks to Garry!
Glad i could help you m8.... that’s why DW rocks , all the peeps will give you all the help they can.

Happy viewing


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