only getting racing uk lol


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Mar 4, 2005
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Hi peeps. I was sat watching my dbox today (racing uk) Now when i turned over to a FTA channel ie ITV i got the channel not available error. I have tried changing emu's and also several diff images. Im getting the same result all the time only clear channel is racing uk. Now as much as i love a flutter on the GeeGee's Anyone know what has happened here ? This is just so strange. As obviously R.UK. is supposed to be an encrypted channel which would indicate that the Cams are actually doing the job. Thinking that it may be the tuner but to loose all but 1 frequency ? Dont sound right to me. On a side note things havent been too stable for a week or so here (TW N.Lanarkshire) with keyrolls knocking out the movie and sly sports channels and them not clearing untill a restart is performed.

Any ideas peeps ?
lol ta for the advice mate. But i have "tried several images" allready so i have indeed flashed it. Im thinking im cursed lol.
Thanks for taking the time to reply anyway m8.:eater:
Have you done a scan.
On the one channel thats working press red the blue and post the
BER,SNR and SIG readings.
Hmm guess what i hadnt done a scan lol. but why the big change ? Its not as if all the frequencies have changed today lol. But hey ta for the tip coz it only bloody well worked lmao. Beats me it really hey ho Thanks again for the suggestions.
lol glad you got it sorted mate, just a simple scan and "poof" all channels is the most important ones forget the rest ;)
I'm TW Scotland as well. They changed the frequency (?) they send out Racing UK on a couple weeks ago. My old man was on the blower saying he had lost it. I got it back with a quick rescan.

Interesting that you lost everything Bar the one they changed. I wonder if that's what happens if your unlucky enough to be watching the channel when they change it : mr ed :