only channel 0 on tit2 card


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Aug 16, 2005
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hi,ive just programmed a tit2 card put it in my box,pressed down on the box,went straight to channel 0,,unavable,check card,clean card etc,,,tryed to order a film no go,,,,went to eng'ers menu
page 7

card status=mute error
ippv status=undefined
credit limit=£00.00
smart card=DNASPOOO REV0000

need help quick


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Mar 25, 2005
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west yorkshire
hi.m8 same thing happened to me not so long ago i down loaded a diffrent set of files crypkey.flash..etc and presto worked a treat .you seem to have a faulty flash file as normally your credit limit is £5500.....good look


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Jun 12, 2005
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Hi mate,

Unfortunately there's a few different causes for this mute err you're seeing, and none of them are definitive (that is, there's no single thing you can look at to say: That's it).

From some extensive searching I've noticed people several main problems causes

1: The BK and/or IRD is wrong <-- No, doesn't cause mute err, WILL stop you getting to watch the stuff you like, but nowt to do with mute er

2. Tuner problems <-- Mid probability. Go to Eng Menu & check SNR levels, tuner level split (i.e. if it;s 50-50 then your tuners knackered - get it swapped)
3: The card reader is faulty <-- High probability that this is the main problem. A good way to check is to :

Go to Eng Menu.......Check card status. If MUTE ERR only when card is in slot, then reader almost certainly the problem. If MUTe ERR when card is OUT of slot, then look at (4)

4: Blown capacitor(s) on the main board. <--High probability (after checking my advice in (3) - There are quite a few pics floating about for which capacitors you'd want to be checking out. First step is the big one near the Reg101 chip (PSU). Second step is to get a hold of the pics I'm talking about (sorry, but I don't have them anymore) & check them one by one. But make sure you do the reader first. UNLESS: When you have a look at the mainboard there's an obviously blown cap (i.e solder burnt, pcb browned & looking altogether fecked.)

5: Submicro resistors (there's about 5 of them I think)- in a line near the PSU on the mainnboard. MUTE ERR when card is out of slot points to this too. Tear them off & replace if possible.

I'm currently in the throes of doing all this myself too mate, so I'll pop back in & see how you;re getting on as soon as I get min e solved, that way you'll have some definitive advice & a checklist to go by.

All the best