ok, a quick Q


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Mar 17, 2005
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Glasgow, United Kingdom
is there anyway possible to purchase another sky box stick it upstairs and split the signal without paying sky £10 p/m to have sky in another room?

is it in any way possible?
There are ways m8 but not sure if they would be discussed on here
yes its ok to discuss here, this is a chat forum for education at all levels. Let us in on the secret please Ianbbb, i'd like to know how too :).
so theres little chance of being able to split the signal into 2, and installing a new box in a diff room? or is that the easy part and its doing an actual card for the new box?
the easy part is getting signal in another room to another box. The hard part is getting channels to clear without using an official card in each digibox.
ahh bollox...is it poss to read and edit sky cards yet?

i'm sure if its poss and theres a tut available i could give it a go.