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Oct 22, 2005
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Triplets Trouble

More ewes in New Zealand are having triplets - a change which has posed a fresh problem for farmers.

One of the three lambs, often the runt of the litter, is dying because a ewe only has two nipples and its siblings prevent it from getting enough milk from its mother to survive, the Otago Daily Times reported.

Scientists in the country are now trying to breed sheep with four nipples instead of two.
Turning right 'top driving fear'

Drivers dread turning right and are sometimes too timid to try parking in a tight space, a survey has revealed.

As many as 34% of women drivers and 29% of male ones admitted bypassing certain routes to avoid right turns, the survey from insurance company Churchill showed.

Turning right was the top driving fear for both men and women, with motorways another pet hate.

Hungry horse gets trapped

A hungry horse has managed to open the door of a caravan to get a bite to eat then got trapped inside.

Two-year-old Welsh Cob Triple Five smelled food in the touring caravan and decided to have a snack.

Using his teeth, the stallion opened the door of the caravan near where he is stabled in Fareham, Hants, and climbed in. Once inside he found he could not get out and Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service had to be called to get him out.
Controversial cow dies

A controversial Jersey cow which had been condemned to death by the Government has died ending a bitter legal battle.

Harriet the cow, who lived on a strip of land in Aston Ingham, Forest of Dean, had been targeted by the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, which wanted to see her destroyed because it was thought she had shared feed with a BSE-infected animal.

Her owners had argued the nine-year-old cow was a pet and took the case to the High Court to try to get peers to override EU law. Owner David Price had been backed by several MPs in his high profile battle to save the family animal.