Ntl Rst Hex 13/12/05


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Mar 6, 2005
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Hi All,

For those that may need it, I posted it Here

Its working fine and dandy - many thanks

csj1976 said:
Its working fine and dandy - many thanks



:Cheers: for letting me know and your welcome.

Have you tried the Autoupdate Fun yet?
boysee said:
Can you please help why wont the keys work over here in ireland please help

Sorry no idea, how did you program your card?
boysee said:
satch thanks for reply can you please pm me thanks again

Hi There,

Sorry M8 off to work now, so can't help you much,
But let me know how you do your card (programmer & all That)

Tried to Pm but your not receiving @ the mo? think it's post count but not sure.
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boysee said:
but can i post details on how to programme card here


Can't see why not? Just don't post ya Ird or BK.

When I started on DW there was a post count limit (I thought feck no way I'm going to get ?? qual post So I donated to get help there and then) Don't know if that is the same for PMs though? Look @ my post count now and not 1 qual post Lucky I donated Hey..... LoL
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