NTL Glasgow help please !


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Nov 17, 2005
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Thinking of getting my dad a dbox2 for christmas but have been told they don't work in the ntl area of glasgow where he lives.
Can anyone tell me if this is correct ?
Did someone fron NTL tell you that? :)

It might not be able to receive the the (N)VOD, if your Dad's area has witched, but if there is a digital NTL service in his area, I don't know of any reason why a Dbox wouldn't work with all the remaining channels.
Thanks for the info,it's really just for the football so the front row films don't matter.
I bought my dbox one month ago, i stay in Glasgow and i get everything except PFV.
Hairy Steve said:
I bought my dbox one month ago, i stay in Glasgow and i get everything except PFV.

Glad to hear that. Will order him one for chrimbo
works ssoooopeerrrbbbbb..

Can also vouch for fact it works superb in glasgow. Specially with Gavs images.Was using his sporster modded one and have just put the nextgen on which is working sweet. The footie channels are crystal clear. Especially the slysp*rts. My mates ragin though cos he lives somewhere where he cannot get N*L as they have not pipped it into his street but the boy just a stones throw away can get it. Think the piping stops a few yards from his house. heh heh. I have not see this much of him since school.

I would say its the best purchase i have ever made.
Seeing as how I can't seem to pm anyone from this thread I'll have to ask in public, my mate's dad's mate bought a dbox through me, (no idea what ebay is etc) I flashed it with gavs nexgen and put the N*L services and bouquets files from the download forum in the right place. When they tried it, all they got was their subscribed services, they're in Glasgow and on N*L, I'm on telepest and ain't no way I'm going to this guy's house to set him up, the dbox is on it's way back to me today at some point and just wondering on any advice which image should work out that way... the dbox is a Sagem 1x.
use the same image just upload telepest services and bouqets to zapit folder via ftp or prefered method
then reload services in service menu
that way works for me

any probs lmk

im from clydebank area on nthell
but mate s are on telepest dumbarton area
Yeah mate,I'm on telepest and my box works great, my old man's up the road is perfect too, I put gav's nexgen image and changed the services & bouquets to N*L ones from the download section, it's on it's way back to Baillieston now, I guess they just don't want to do any work on their own.... definitely the 1st & last box I set up for someone else...
A wee update, they've tried their box again and still channel not found... they are out in Swinton and tomorrow I'm going through to have a look, shower of pests so they are......
If one of you glasgow n*L lads could furnish me with your xml files, I'd be eternally in yer debt :D
Yeah mate, those are the files I have and they still don't have any channels... I'm off to investigate
Thanks for all the help folks, all I did was plug it in and away it went, they had left the NTL end connector on the cable and were using the f to coax black box thingy that NTL use instead of a straight on connector... some folk shouldn't have technology :D