Ntl Broadband Reaches NW10 ('',)


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Mar 4, 2005
Yipeeeeee : shocked2 its finally comming to my area after a long 3/4 years. Basically the ntl engineers are comming to install the modem and that on tuesday and i just wanted to know a few things.....

1) Im gona be on a 2mb for 15.00 (30gb cap) is there a way to get pass the cap?

2) Will i get a wireless router ..... (or do i need to request it)

3) I have not got a telephone socket in my room, so at the moment ive got a hazard wire running thru my parents room to mines..... will they fit in a socket for me...? when a engineer comes to "install" what does he/she actually do?


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Oct 11, 2005
better ask sum1 else about capping,u need 2 request router about £60 roughly,if you choose not to use router the enginners will run an rg59 cable to where youre pc is situated,hope this helps.


The cable men will come make a fcukin mess of your garden an then run a white coax cable (rg59) into your room. If you thaught you were gettin a phone line in your room then think again as cable broadband runs through the same line as the tv. The way things are goin if you hammer the downloads your gonna get forced into having 512k down unlimited for 17.99 a month and theirs no way around the caps N*L suck ass an unless your gonna use a cloned modem in conjunction with ya sub then i really wouldnt bother payin for this p*ss poor service that theyre offering lets face it whats the point in havin 10mb if you cant use it to its fullest.