Ntl Box (Analogue) free sky sports ?


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Mar 6, 2007
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JUST A WILD ONE ERE . IVE A OLD Analogue jerrold thing the square black box everyone had before the likes of dbox / dream ect its not chipped and only has the shitty pack on it with less and less channels bye the day as i think there tryn there best to fade it out . ive a dbox but i use this for the kids room, but the for the past couple of months its had sky sports 123 on it. why anyone no why ???.

ive never touched. I only started using it when i noticed it im my pals attic about 2 year ago and his old ears had bought a chipped one and have been paying an old ntl analogue bill for many years, para that the ntl guy will catch them if they stop paying lol . So i took it for the keeps .