ntl 250 modem. need to program.


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Jan 13, 2007
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hi all,
i have just bought a ntl 250 modem. i looking to hack it. i have read a few thread in the forum but couldn't understand as i am very new to it.
can any body advise me the following with complete details.

1. can it be hack?
2. can it be use in tw area?
3. what program to i need for it?
4. which firmware? where can i download it.
5. what is a mac address for bradford & doncaster tw area.

any reply will be highly appreciated. thanks
Not being lousy or mean here mate but the search function is there for a reason and there is a downloads section, even looking at the page wher u've posted i'm sure u'll see at least 1 or 2 other posts on hacking ambit 250's. plus i'm certain there is a guide in the downloads section at the top of the board for the 250 modem. As for a mac just pst in the mac swap area at the top of the board for ur area!