Nothing to do post here........


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Mar 12, 2005
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TW Scotland SL
all people that have nothing to do tonight cos our boxe ARE NOT F*CKED post here and you'l receive a free pint of lager.
wahey! im first here :p
its boring! theres absolutely nothing to do!

right, wheres my lager? ;)
liam i new youd be first, plaese take your ticket and your pint will be served.

sorry no stella you'l end up beating the wife up on that stuff
okies too bloody mary's and a heineken ffs got a throat like ghandis flip-flop im in ............:Cheers:
try the shoutbox if youre bored why post here.....LOL

or you trying to say DBOXES are boring therefore posting this in here?.....

hi all

i think if we look at the downloads with the latest images they will increase a great deal tonight

if your bored that is lol

just checked my 12/11/05 image 201 so far wow

Its all good yah! make mine a pint of vodka, i need something before i attempt my next mission. which incedently dosnt include the dbox but the box begining with X.
you will be lucky to get a beer here hes a bloody scotsman and you know what they are like ,morning m8
och i the nu! Ya canny get me a wee bottle of buckfast insteed. It only cost two scootish punes! not bad for stripping the walls off you interior, im talkin hoose and boody:) :)
Gav have to say the picture quality in your latest image is superb.
I read on shitshop some guy saying he did not see any difference in the picture quality.
He must be watching on a 14" portable.
He should try it on a 42 " plasma.

I think kerg is being a bit smug lol
Im sure his point is the dboxers have nothing to do becuase we are still up and running. Unlike the cable. Lets hope your not tempting fate Graham lol.