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Jul 17, 2005
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iam very new to the sattelite thing so please bear with me :p

I purchased a haupage sat usb dvb reciver and it works fine.The unit is plugged in the same satttalite as the skydigital.just the other day i also got myself a viaaccess cam .and to be honest im not sure where to start to get a card for it or how to program one ,can someone point me into the right direction ?many many thanks ::)
I'm pretty sure there are no channels encrypted in Viaccess on 28e.
You need to decide what viaccess channels you want to watch (not many left now) and turn your dish to the appropriate satellite.
Then you can think about buying a subscription card (or other methods) to view those channels.

Does the hauppage unit have a CI slot for the cam? I'm not familiar with that device.
ahh damn thats a bummer.Becuase theres not many via access channels left can you recommned any other good cams ? the haupage is a [DLMURL][/DLMURL] and it has got a ci slot . many many thanks for youre help :)
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there isn't really any cam that will be any use to you with your minidish aimed at 28degrees. A viaccess cam cannot be programmed for anything anyway, you would need a card and card programmer to go with it, or an official subscription card to go with it, because like 007.4 says there isnt much in viaccess to get anywhere. There are lots and lots of viaccess channels, but not so many hacked ones, so thats why you'd need official cards maybe.

Even if you get a 'multi-cam' and move your current dish about it wont be much use picking anything up from other satellites, its too small really.

So, choices to make are- new dish or not, what size, where you want to aim it, do you want a motorised or fixed set-up, what channels you would like and then what cam or cards needed for those channels.

Hope that helps you.

ahh ic , Looks like the best way is to invest into a new motorised dish and new cam.Most probably i would like to recieve , if its possible is maybe some movie channels ? and some bollywood type channels.As iam quite new this i might go for a new 80cm motorised dish ,is there any models you can recommend and what multicam i wuld need t get for the channels i was looking for ? Once again many thanks for youre fantastic assistance.:)

DragonCam or T-Rex (same thing) seems to be the most popular CAM at present. Don't forget you will need a programmer for this...........I think the OPOS v1.05 opens up B4U Movies UAE at present.

If your after Bollywood movies, your better off with NTL.

if you going for a motorised system and starting from scratch (except fot the pc card) id say to get a sat receiver. for what your going to pay for a motorised dish and a dragon cam or the like for a fewquid more youll get a complete dedicated sat system that can be patched the same as acam

Many thanks for youre replys :) I have gone the motorised dish way and got myself a spanky 80cm one,now i just goto take the skydish of and pop this one, hopefully it will use the same holes..thanks again fr the help , you guys are brilliant!:)