Non-Provisioned Channels


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Dec 13, 2005
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is there any way to force the box to provision channels to numbers..

when filicking through the em the PPV Channels and a few por channels are set as

"0 - channel name - not provisioned"

now i know ntl / tx het the ppv channels on 504 is there any way to get these channels proviosned by the box so we can view them in excw..

using sammy 2100..

many thanks

The only channels you can affect are the normal channels lsited in the epg. If the channel is greyed out (because you dont have the correct access tiers on your card) then the channel is "non provisioned" and you will not be able to access it.

Special channels like the hidden movie channels etc are always allocated to either channel 0 or (on TW/C&W) to channels lower than 100 which cannot be selected by the user. These are also classed as "non-provisoned". They can only be accessed via the normal mechanism (ie via the PIN protection menu's or via the interactive purchase menu's). There is nothing you can do about this - its how the box was designed to operate.

On some of the older boxes you could use a program which forces the box into a test mode. You loose pretty much all but very basic functionality on the box BUT all channels are listed and selectable. Channel order is basically just a list of found channels !

This mode does list vod channels BUT ONLY if they are active at the time you switch the box into this test mode. Remember that vod channels only become active when someone in your local node area actually requests a vod event.