nokia tuner removal


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Jan 11, 2007
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can anybody tell me how easy it is to replace tuner in a nokia dbox2 and how to do it
Not easy! Good soldering skills are required. A good desoldering gun or a good solder sucker. Copper braid will also come in useful.
Are you sure the tuner is really faulty.
The most blokes kill working tuners with their repairing attempts because they search at the wrong position for a fault.
I don't have brilliant solder skills and i managed to remove a tuner from a nokia dbox2, but you need a lot of patience and as devilfish states a good solder sucker and braid. But as mgb also states it may not be the tuner, i went full steam ahead and replaced the tuner in my dbox2, still didn't help turned out i had a faulty sec chip! You're best of making a bootlog and posting it in the dbox section someone will tell you what is wrong with the box then.