Nokia N95 Bugfix - Deleting Empty Music Folders


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Mar 22, 2005
I've been searching for yonks on how to delete the empty music folders from my N95 8gb, but was at a loss until tonight.
I took it back to the shop, but they were worse than clueless & wanted to send it back to their service centre, but couldn't guarantee that the problem would be resolved.


1. You need to enable hidden Files & Folders on your PC.
(Open any folder on your computer, select TOOLS - FOLDER OPTIONS... - VIEW - select SHOW HIDDEN FILES & FOLDERS, then OK)

2. Connect your N95 to your computer & choose DATA TRANSFER.

3. Open Windows Explorer & navigate to the REMOVABLE DISK - PRIVATE folder.

4. COPY the following three folders TO your PC:


This is purely for back-up purposes & can be removed from your PC if you're happy that everything went well.

5. Now go back to the Phone & DELETE the contents of the 3 x folders, NOT the folders themselves:


6. When that has completed, removely the device safely from the PC, and go to the music player.

It takes a short time for the phone to rebuild the index, but your existing music should be intact & play as normal.

All traces of the empty folders have now been removed :)

I've since noticed that the Album Art will need to be reassigned...If I find a way to save these, I'll update the thread.

*** Do NOT attempt to follow this procedure if you are at all unsure, or are too drunk to do so ***
*** Digitalworldz takes no responsibility if for some remote reason you ruin your phone ***

I had a look through the Phone section, but couldn't find a suitable heading to post this under. Please move if you know of a more suitable section.


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Jan 1, 2006
Is there any decent way of re-naming the Artists or songs?

Ive got over 1000 songs on mines and most have 2 artists because of lower cases and alot are in the unknown category.


Jul 10, 2007
Doesnt PC Suite try and add the names in for you via CDDB?