nokia dbox2 channel help


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Aug 13, 2005
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i bought a nokia dbox2, it had a uk image on it but after ftp ing service & bouquets files it still wont pick up any transponders or channels. so i flashed a new image on it (sportster-pro 1.05_rc042_08) i have another box and had no problem flashing & scanning, could the box be faulty. iuse ifa for image flashing & fxp for transfering service files over. thank you for you help.t/w w/yorkshire.
If box boxes have the same amount of flash chips back the image up from
the working box and flash it to the other one they will be identical see if it works then.
all ready tryed that but on first boot got a channel & picture froze, could not get any thing else.
The image is well dated pal..reflash with an up to date image using i.f.a ...ya dont need to f.t.p and cables x.m.l etc..there all built in..just flash and scan..
I have a Nokia DBOX2 which came preflashed with Commando 7.5. Any one ever use this...?
brian5432 commando 7.5 is there newest image out m8 only came out within the last month or so.
sorry, i'm not trying to hijack the thread, honest :)
but is commando any good
i currently use sportster pro 1.02