Nokia 2x dBox2 forgetting channels


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Oct 25, 2006
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Hi there.

Ive had my dBox2 working great with 2 different images, but with the 1st image it just suddenly decided to die after about 3 weeks. The 2nd images again worked flawlessly, then it 'forgot' my channel lists!
I tried a rescan, and it found all the channels again, but then it wouldnt save them so its another dead image for me.

Any ideas whats wrong?!
If it's not saving any settings or scans then you will probably need to reflash again. There's been loads of new images recently, give them a try. It only takes a few minutes to scan anyway.
Sounds like it could be a corrupted image. Try reflashing it again with another image. I just done my mates box today with Don's Tardis image. Seems to be solid enough
Where can I download IFA? i don't have enough posts yet to use the download section! Also, after my pc needed reformatting I've lost all my images. Although I guess this is a good thing if they're crap anyway.
Try using an image with netid's on it, most of the newer images have this functionality.
ive had the same trouble with my dbox lost soem channels recently was using tthe dons V2 now swopped to dw image and lost even more goin to try going back to tardis or whatever today