No Way To Open Image File On Pc ??


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Jul 13, 2005
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is there no software yet to extract the image file to desktop and bypass ftp ect
Could you explain a little more as to what you are trying to do????
sorry liam m8 i got the image file on pc right u then have to flash it to box then ftp the files over to the box i.e. bouquets service ect is there noway to open the image file on the pc then add files to it then image it back up again saving time ect... saving time getting ip addy then reconnecting to pc and ftp the files over to it is there noway to do it with a program within windows then all u have to do is flash it then its ready to use straight away:xmas:
NewTux Flash Tools.... they allow you to edit the image in something that looks similar to windows explorer. You drag and drop the files into the image, and then click the save icon.

After you click the save icon, the program will then freeze and say "(not responding)". Dont be fooled. Wait 2 minutes and it will come back to life, and your new image is then ready to be flashed.

NewTux Flash Tools is in the downloads section.
if i remember correctly didnt a earlier version of nero have a little utility that could explore .img files. just a note to anybody who may have the version handy and could try it perhaps it could be a bit more stable than the afore mentioned... not that i really care cause pulling a .img file apart and then putting it back together with the risk of fookin your box up and then going through the whole process of flashing ect dosnt appeal to me. Dox running sweet and i just gonna leave it that way now considering the shite ive been through to get it where it is today :)