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VU+ Solo No tuner working (clone)

Discussion in 'VU+ Solo Receivers' started by bibo, Feb 4, 2017.

  1. bibo

    bibo New Member

    Since I placed a new soft to the box no tuner will be recognized and therefore no channel can be found. The only soft
    I could found which works exept the tuners where Ferrari v3a. The others I tried get stack during booting with the following error:
    Code: (Bad address in epc)

    ---[ end trace 1d207b2faae065b5 ]---
    Kernel panic - not syncing: Fatal exception in interrupt
    Rebooting in 180 seconds..

    The type of the security chip is wripped of, so it is not readible.
    Does anyone can help me further to find a soft which will work on this box. Any futher help would highly be appreciated.
  2. leemoo

    leemoo VIP Member

    Have you tried a different image?
  3. bibo

    bibo New Member

    hi, leemoo,
    yes, I think at least 50- old and new ones.
  4. leemoo

    leemoo VIP Member

    Did you do a backup image of your box before you tried installing a newer image?
  5. bibo

    bibo New Member

    I was very angry against myself, bcause I did not make a backup of the previous Image, I just remember that it was a BH Image.
  6. bibo

    bibo New Member

    no one can provide me with further reaktion or even better with further help to solve my prob? What I know now is that it is a question of the
    correct Image for this kind of Vu solo clone.

  7. dirtydonki

    dirtydonki New Member

    No one on earth will be able to help you with software for the box unless you can tell us which box it is or post photos of it for us to see.

    Photos should be clear & well defined of the rear panel, front panel underneath & 1 from the top with the top cover off showing all the internals.
  8. howardwoods

    howardwoods New Member

    Hi, I recently flashed my vu+ solo with Blackhole 2.1 and lost all settings because I didn't make any backups. I managed to download a channel list using TSPanel addons but need to setup the tuner on my motorized dish. Can someone please help me? I am new at these things.

    I tried to backup files using transfer so I may still have some settings saved on my laptop. But need to know in which folder they are stored.
    Thanks in advance
    Howard Woods

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