no terrestrial. Any ideas?


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Mar 8, 2005
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Hi, I am in the Bradford area on telewest. I have a Pace DI-4000 box with a Titanium2 card which has worked well over the last 6 months. Last month my box was unplugged as I was going abroad, and have just plugged it back in. The problem is I am not getting any terrestrial channels. All I get is an error message saying "Attention - This channel is temporarily unavailable. Please wait a moment and or try again later". I get all the other channels (that you would normally have to pay for). I have tried the legit box that I got from telewest and that works fine. I have reprogrammed my Titanium2 card but still no luck. I have even programmed a funcard4 and tried with that and still no luck….whatever happens, no terrestrial. Any ideas?
try changing your net id if it is 40691 try 40962 or vice versa this should cure youre problem