no or bad signal


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Aug 21, 2005
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hope someone could help, been at this for hours.

I had a 7755 box last week and picked up some channels including the spice platium channel etc.

I have now went for a 1500 ci+ super, have set my lat and long while on hotbird sat. and signal strength is 90 and quality 79.

I receive the fta channels like bbc and itv, sky news mostly to PAS.
but when i go to spice platium it tells me scramble, most other channels are also scramble or (no or bad signal).

My box is
model - TM1500 CI+ super
s/w version - 156 (Oct 18 2005)
h/w version - 1.11
boot version - 2.10 (08:10)
ch version : may:05

i also have the cass and biss menu on the system information page.

can someone please help as I feel like crying.


no signal bad signal


How accurate is your dish setting?

I got my new 1500CI+ out the box & up and running last night. Came back this evening to the same problem you describe - channels I had fine last night were giving the no/bad error. I hadn't set up as motorised yet & the dish was on a temporary fixing - it had shifted just enough during the day (landing pad for overfed sparrows?) to seemingly drop the signals to below a decoding threshold. AB Motors signal strength had dropped to 30%, jiggled the dish to get strength back up to 70%+ and all my previously decoded channels were back. What I have noticed is that the signal strength varies quite markedly between channels, so just because one channel reports 80 or 90%, it doesn't seem to follow that they all will.

I am using a 90cm dish with 0.2 dB LNB in Scotland.


I'm having similar problems with a fixed multi dish...something must have moved slightly on the outside as reconnecting the cables improved the situation for about 10 minutes...encrypted channels on eutelsat unwatchable now in the rain but fta fine.....

Goona bite the bullet and make my first venture to the roof to try and do myself for once.......the fate of Rod Hull (and Emu) is still fresh in my mind though....but at least I wont have a puppet on my other hand whilst i'm up there..:Jester: