no look with roms


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Nov 17, 2004
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no luck with roms


got a supercard v5 (slot 2)with a super key(slot 1) and some clean roms which i have run through supercardds and loaded onto a mini sd card put all into my DS - the roms are visible but when i press 'a' the word loading appears in top screen then double white screens for 1-2 seconds then screens go blank.

any help much appreciated
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silly Q, but did you format the card before you put the games on it? Secondly does your supercard have the latest firmware?
I don't think the games are patched properly using the Supercard software. Switch all options off, leaving only compatibility set to high. Transfer the patched rom to the supercard and try and load it
I think there may be a problem with supercard - under the options tab there is no thing listed and when I put the update bin on the root of mini sd card (FAT) it doesn't show up. Software on supercard is 1.63