Nintendo 3DS Formally Announced


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Nov 19, 2004
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It has been almost three months since Nintendo announced the 3DS. All we learned at the time was it would be backwards compatible with existing DS titles and feature 3D that didn't require glasses to enjoy. Well we know a lot more now...

The first thing to say is - in typical Nintendo fashion - the new 130 x 74 x 20mm, 230g 3DS looks very much like every other DS we've ever seen. It retains its boxy looks and dual screens, but look closer and there are a lot of subtle changes.



Where things get more interesting, however, is the new 3D functionality and Nintendo is doubling up the tech featured in the top display by adding what it dubs a '3D camera'. In reality this is two VGA outer cameras which take photos simultaneously from two different angles, but the end result should be fun nonetheless. Should all this 3D get too much, however, there is a slider on the side which allows the 3D effect to be adjusted depending on your distance from the screen or turned off completely.

Just as importantly the 3DS will also have a raft of 3D compatible titles at launch including 3D Nintendogs, Dead or Alive, Splinter Cell, The Sims, Super Street Fighter IV, Metal Gear Solid, an updated Mario Kart, new Star Fox title and Paper Mario.

The flip side is this being Nintendo it didn't actually say when the 3DS will be available or how much it will cost and these are two details which vary enormously in Nintendo Land from country to country. I'd be tempted to say "in time for Christmas" (oh look, I just did), but fingers crossed that is simultaneously likely to be a worse case and best case scenario depending where you live...

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Nov 24, 2006
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looks good, they certainly know how to make the most out of a winning platform.