Nexus T911, Winexplorer probs


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Nov 25, 2005
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Just got my nexus t911 this morning, i've flashed it with the switches on 1 and 6, then changed them to 5 and 2 for glitching mode.

I've got winexplorer 5.0 and am loading it in winxp. I havent changed compat mode as it loaded up first time, where as I had problems with an older version wouldn't load up in either compat mode or without.

I've got a revb0c locked card and have tried 2 scripts so far:
multiprovider multirom v1.1

Im using winexplorer.ini from the Modded t911 install guide on the tutorials forum.
When i run either script it just starts doing its stuff, loads of ++++'s and ----'s and then after its done a few packets it comes up with this error:

Script Error on Line 280
Write: Error Writing to Card

I haven't changed any settings in winexplorer as i dont know what ones to change, but has anyone run into this type of problem before and do they know a fix?

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I've tried changing the switches on the nexus, but it always ends up giving me the same error message.

The code in the script it stops on is: sc.Write(glitch & HexString(RT, 4) & HexString(GlitchType, 2) & "0E 05 85 00")
Line 280.

Im stuck
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Woop! Worked out why it wasn't working, I changed from com1 to com2 and used a different serial cable - when I did this I noticed the serial going into the nexus was not going fully in the socket due to the design of the plastic housing, it has a small lip on the bottom and it needed to be forced into place, before it must have looked like it was in but wasn't fully there :)

Been glitching for the last 10mins, fingers crossed it will unlock!!
If you do hit more problems the first thing to try is running winex in 98 compat mode.