nexus one or desire ?


Oct 17, 2009
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hi i have just cancelled my order for the sony erricson x10 after reading reviews about the fone, so now after reading loads of reviews i am stuck between the nexus one and the desire ?, can they both have cracked apps on them, and which one is better for music player, camara, and calls, like volume and clearness of the call, anyone know any idea about these, i have heard the internet speed are the exact same
cracked apps can be put on both,i believe that they are practically the same fone with a few tweaks to the desire-but it lost voice recodnition from nexus one,i also believe the desire has the better camera

from what ive personally read the desire edges it over the nexus
The Nexus and Desire are more or less the same, with the exception of the desire having slightly more memory which is needed for running "Sense". The nexus does however have noise cancellation which in my experience is fantastic, completely cuts out all background noise when your in a call. You also have the Trackball rather than Trackpad on the nexus, which for me is great as you can set it to flash different colours for different notifications, cuts down the chance of you missing messages - emails etc. The other thing of course is that Android updates will arrive a bit quicker to the nexus, they dont have to be approved by HTC.
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speaking of android updates, is there any news of when 2.2 will be coming to the desire?

im told also the sense ui can be removed from the desire so you would be left with more or less a nexus one but with the extra memory the desire has :)

if you didnt like sense ui that is.
see i have the desire but my contract is up, my work would pay for the phone so i COULD get a nexus one........i just dunno wether to do it or not

i HATE waiting or updates...
Lol I really don't think there is much to chose between the Nexus and Desire - trackball or trackpad? Sense UI no sense UI? I get where ur coming from with the updates though, I hate waiting! Lol.

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