newish user can u help all channels gone



hi ive looked at threads but couldnt see answer.
dbox 2 nokia working fine but yesterday lost all channels (or seemed so)
done a rescan and all program listings come up (even the program listing for whole day)
but only view able channels are bbc1 parlemant. channel 4 itv1.
looked at stream all looks good but ber only 60 odd (thats the red line)
any ideas would be most welcome icant plug into my pc today loks(from info on threads)that i need crossover lead.
Oct 21, 2005
something to look at gavs post

it mite help to no what your settings should be.......Ber/Sig/Snr and what they mean


If you press the RED button then the BLUE button with most images
it will display (amongst other things) three readings, a lot of people misunderstand
these and think the BER is the most important IT ISNT.

BER is Bit Error Rate and bellow 20,000 is better but NOT essential,
i have seen perfectly good pictures with it above 50,000

Sig is Signal strength and of course the higher this is the better,
0 can indicate faulty tuner but i have seen perfectly good pictures with very very low Sig i.e. 30 and less.

SNR is the most important (Signal to Noise ratio)
this is how much of the AVAILABLE signal it can see above the noise,and that is why even with
low Sig or poor BER if it can see enough signal above the noise it will work just fine.

So this MUST be above 55,000,if it is less you will have freezing picture and jerky movement or even no picture at all.
This reading is normally between 62,000 and 64,999.
And you may still get EPG but no picture with low SNR

If you cant get it above 55.000 check your cable feed,
1. with another box if poss
2. make sure there is no physical damage to the cable flattening or cuts, if there is change it try again.

If you havent had it working on this feed you may have an *attenuator in your wall box (see below).
Remember just because your cable modem works does not mean your DBox will.

A splitter and an attenuator are different items, a splitter will have NO db figures on it,
an attenuator will, they can look the same as each other but an attenuator can have 2 outs
(looks like a splitter but its NOT) if it says something like 3db or -6db or the like it IS an ATTENUATOR,
NOT a SPLITTER and should not be used as a splitter or you may get jerky or no picture

Attenuators reduce your signal, i.e.
3db reduces it by half (50%),
6db reduces it by 3/4 (75%)
12db will only leave you 1/8 (12.5%) of your original signal.

So as you can see if you have a
3db Attenuator removing it will double your signal !

hope this guide is ok for you guys


thanks looked at that

looked at thread and double checked streams all look ok
like i said im getting bbc1 itv1 channel4 etc but all others wont show
so im getting just terestial tv.


I'm not too sure how its happened but somehow the evocamd has gone wrong. Your best bet is to flash a new image to the box, and then re-scan.

Try gav's latest image, I hear its one of the best...

Oct 21, 2005

did you flash thebox with the right image just a thought some boxs have diffrent chips sets need diffrent images like Sportster 1.7+ uk05 1x Image

Cryo Sportster 1.7 uk05 2x Image 1x or x2 what box do you have or you could try a better image more suited to your box..



thanks will try that tomorow i havnt got a cross over cable will get one tomorrow after work.
thanks again for advice Very fast responces
just sorry know so little so cant return favour

tried installing boot manager on pc but comes up with nfs-root and then some german writing when ever i press start. is that because im not connected to dbox (no cross over cable)
thanks again