newby help please?


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Oct 28, 2005
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wonder if anyone can help?
managed to get BK and progged fun 6 yesterday, get all ftv channs but not subscribed msg on others.
eng menu says card ok.
seen smwhere IRD always starts or ends in 12 is this same on sammy?
IRD found with BKE 2.2 is same as Nagra serial conversion taken from eng menu (tried bout 8 different bytes and all return same BK)
used BKE, RSThex, ntl for flash
used ntl(23-11-05)hex for int eep
tried IRD as read and reversed,
no luck or are codes not working at all
just make sure your copied you ird and bk correctly and ird starts with EA its not 12 like the others hope this helps

Think bennyboy meant to type 3E ** ** ** not EA. LoL
thanks you guys, put my mind at rest. IRD deff has 3E starting. at least i now know im in the right direction and if i keep goin ill crack the b***d