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Feb 13, 2006
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I have seen the following on the web, anyone know more about it!!

The June 16th, or Version 3.3 update checks for and deletes Twilight Hack and any other Twilight Princess saves exploiting the same vulnerability. However, it does not do anything to existing Homebew Channel installations. It does, however, fix the Signing bug, which prevents any "trucha"-signed discs from running, including the Homebrew Channel installer ISO versions.

This update was actually compiled on March 6th. It has probably undergone months of testing before being out, hence why it does not target any of the newer hacks.

Users are advised not to update until more information is known.

Nintendo has issued a new Wii firmware update that patches the Trucha exploit. It is HIGHLY recommended that you not perform this or any future update!!!

On March 21st, Nintendo added a new version of the Wii firmware -- IOS37 -- to the Wii update servers. This version of the firmware has a fixed signature-checking function.

When a title (game, channel, etc) starts, it tells the system menu (using a field in the TMD) what version of the IOS it needs to run on -- to support this, the Wii stores all previous firmware versions. (For most Wiis, this will be IOS9, IOS11, IOS13, IOS15, IOS17, IOS20, IOS21, IOS30, IOS31, IOS33, IOS34, IOS35, IOS36, and now IOS37).

As of March 22nd, no software uses IOS37 -- the System Menu currently uses IOS30. An updated System Menu will likely use the new IOS37.

What does this mean?

* Until the system menu is updated to use IOS37, it will have no effect.

* Once the system menu is updated to use IOS37, "Trucha-Signed" discs -- or channels -- will stop working, as will the Freeloader disc.

* At that point, "homebrew channels" would be considered "invalid" by the system. The consequences of this are unclear, but that could potentially prevent the Wii from booting.

* Other versions of IOS are not affected.

* The Twilight Hack is unaffected.
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